Presque Isle taxpayers deserve a better plan

On Jan, 17, 2013, the Presque Isle County Board of Commissioner placed a notice of intent to issue bonds for the construction of a new courthouse. The voters of Presque Isle County have 45 days in which to file petitions to place this issue on the ballot.

As of Jan. 11, 2013, there were 10,784 registered voters in the county, 10 percent of 10,784 signatures are required to put this to a vote.

While I support the construction of a new building, I do not support the process the Board has taken. When I served on the Board, I suggested numerous times that the Board solicit a number of Architects at no cost to the county, for conceptual drawings along with the projected cost.

When the Board announced the remodeling of the Nowicki building the cost was around $235,000, to date there are cost over runs of $90,000, this is a prime example of why five people should not decide on this project.

One of the Board members, Steve Lang, a long time member of the finance committee voted for the resolution, stated in a local newspaper He hasn’t seen anything on how to pay for this project over the next 20 years.

I believe there is a need for a replacement of the old building, but planning is an essential part of the project. With a project of this importance a committee of citizens from all parts of the county needs to be formed to make recommendations to the Board. I have been a past member of this type of committee and know that this approach works. Taxpayers of Presque Isle County, I urge you to get involved, let your voice be heard, time is running short.

Mike Grohowski

Presque Isle