Millage timing, request not good for area

An Enhancement Millage request is about to come before all the voters of AMA ESD. I say “all the voters” yet this will be on Feb. 26, three months after a general election and during a time when some of our residents will find it difficult to get to the polls. Why wasn’t this vote held during the November general election? It would have saved $25,000 and we would have heard from a much larger part of our voter population.

This unprecedented request of 3 mills for 10 years is to fill in money lost when our state legislators diverted $600,000,000 from the school aid fund. Now the local taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill that they have already paid. If this millage does not pass, the ESD may make reduction adjustments to the request and then run the election again, in an effort to get the tax money from us. Alcona taxpayers will pay $15,000,000 and Alcona schools will only receive about half, $7,720,000, because of the formula contained in the enhancement millage statute.

How financially responsible is this; why are the local school boards not publicly discussing the hundreds of dollars per pupil that have been cut from our state funding since January 2011? The state officials need to be addressed by the school boards who are asking for this tax increase. As recipients of our tax dollars, school boards should be more cognizant of foul play and publicly address the problem creators. To bail out irresponsible state legislators; who touted “We support our Schools” when they wanted to be elected in November 2012, without holding them accountable is not the answer; it is merely a band-aid.

Contact your township/city clerk for an absentee ballot.

Margaret Kutzera