Our children’s future needs millage to pass

I am a mother of two boys, one who is in 5th grade and one who is only 6 months old. I have lived in the Alpena area for over 20 years. Voting no on the enhancement millage will have a detrimental “trickle down” effect for our local community.

The AMA enhancement mileage is a way to keep struggling schools from laying off teachers and cutting already scarce programs for our children. Without funding, schools may close, resulting in relocation of students. Class sizes will increase and teachers will not have the resources necessary to adequately teach. Families will relocate due to lack of jobs or proper education for their children, which then results in an even slower economy for our area. Businesses will close, and those that manage to stay afloat will be forced to charge an even higher cost for products that consumers already cannot afford.

The question is, how can we afford to not vote for the enhancement millage? I cannot think of a better way to invest than in the future of our children and our community. As a community, we can pay a little now, or a lot more later on. Think about the children in your lives, vote yes to give them the opportunity they deserve.

Anna Krueger