Can’t give support to enhancement millage

I am very sorry that I find it necessary to write this letter to the editor. Our schools are in trouble, and I support our local school district here in Alcona County 100 percent. We have quality teachers and administrators who truly care about our children.

However, the current millage proposal that will be voted upon Feb. 26 is simply bad for our taxpaying voters.

Voters are being asked to approve a 3 mil increase in property taxes for 10 years. In Alcona County, this will raise approximately $1.5 million per year. This, on the surface, sounds good. Unfortunately, those same voters will only see around $770,000 come back to our local school district. The rest goes to the Alpena School District.

The same is true (with different numbers) for Hillman Schools and Atlanta Schools.

Just as investing $1.5 million in your retirement fund so that you can retire on $770,000 makes no sense, the same is true for this millage.

The funding formula must be fixed before I can support this millage. When it can be said that 100 percent of the funds raised in a local school district stays in that school district, I can get behind it.

But for now, I refuse to send nearly $7.5 million of Alcona County’s hard-earned tax dollars to the Alpena School District over the next 10 years.

I urge you to research this millage before voting on it. Do not fall prey to the marketing that is only telling half the story. Once you have all the information, I urge you to vote your conscience.

Michael A. Maturen