ARMC auxillary raise $60K

ALPENA – The Alpena Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Volunteers donated $60,000 to the hospital on Thursday, after hosting a variety of fundraising activities throughout 2012 to raise money for ARMC projects and equipment.

Marlene Pear, volunteer director, said ARMC currently has 200 active auxiliary volunteers who have donated over 38,000 hours of their time last year to benefit the hospital.

“The amount of hours these ladies have volunteered are phenomenal. Hospitals really need this kind of support,” ARMC board Chair Eric Smith said.

According to Pear, collectively the volunteers were able to raise $60,000 within a year to go toward specific hospital projects and equipment, through the gift shop, Christmas tree ball, used book sale, linen sale, art sale, and new book sales.

“Our auxiliary volunteers give more money than any other hospital in our district, we’re very proud of them,” Pear said. “These people are our community and their willing to give to the community. They’re here because they want to be and because they believe in our hospital and our community.”

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