Dailey scores season-high 32 in ACC win

The ACC men’s basketball team needed a big win after being beaten heavily by Henry Ford and the Lumberjacks got it on Wednesday, beating Macomb 84-71 to extend their home win streak to two.

Kharri Dailey was a big asset to ACC’s win, scoring a season-high 32 points.

“Really? Dang I don’t think I’ve scored that many since I was a freshman,” he said after being told of his total.

ACC (5-12, 2-5 MCCAA Eastern) came out swinging right away with a field goal by Sean Berryman. Berryman was a solid scorer all night and helped bring down a lot of offensive and defensive rebounds.

Macomb jumped on the board with a John Irons free throw a minute later, but stayed off the board until a dramatic Patrick Ferrell dunk.

ACC played excellent defense against an aggressive Macomb offense that struggled to put up points and grab its own rebounds. The Monarchs briefly had a 9-6 lead five minutes in that Dailey snatched away with the first of three treys on the night.

For several minutes, the game was a back and forth match-up that saw quick scoring by both teams. The Monarchs used two Irons threes to pull ahead 18-14, their biggest lead of the night.

Logan Wickert turned the game around at this point, becoming an offensive powerhouse with a 10-point scoring streak hitting two threes and two field goals to put ACC up 24-22.

The game became another back and forth scoring streak for a period that saw both the teams camped at a 28-28 tie after another Irons three.

Dailey then went on a seven-point scoring streak, which helped but ACC ahead 41-28 at halftime. ACC’s increasingly tough defense held the Monarchs scoreless for almost seven minutes to end the half.

Dailey came out strong again in the second half, hitting a three only 30 seconds in.

ACC continued to stretch its lead by consistently hitting field goals and threes. Collectively, the team scored 10 threes, including four from William Gates Jr.

The Monarchs refused to go down without a fight, with Charles Baskin and Ferrell being especially useful, but Macomb couldn’t make up the difference as ACC stretched its lead further.

Also useful for the Monarchs was the strong play of Ryan Bush who earned his team solid points while also providing solid defensive coverage.

As the half wore on, ACC began to lose a bit of its lead. After Gates’ last three, ACC went scoreless for two minutes a period during which the Monarchs scored 10 points.

However, ACC was consistently strong, hitting difficult shots against an aggressive Monarchs defense and being especially consistent with free throws, hitting eight of eight in the half and only missing two in the whole game.

Although he wasn’t the team’s huge scorer, Lavario Smith was a huge rebounder and defensive asset for ACC.

“I’m very pleased with how they played tonight. Everybody shot the ball well and moved it down the court. Defensively they were very sound. It was an excellent team effort,” ACC coach Frank McCourt said.

Dailey seconded his coach’s assertion.

“We’re really learning each other’s roles and learning the way each other plays. I feel like this was the best we’ve played all season,” he said.

The Lumberjacks travel to Wayne on Saturday.

Alpena (84): K. Dailey 9-11-12-32: L. Wickert 7-0-0-18: S. Berryman 3-0-0-6: W. Gates Jr. 4-0-0-12: L. Smith 4-3-4-11: J. MacGregor 1-0-0-3: S. Hentkowski 1-0-0-2.

Macomb (71): J. Irons 4-1-2-12: C. Baskin 6-1-2-15: R. Bush 7-0-0-14: G. Maples 3-2-3-8: J. Novak 1-0-0-2: A. Brownlee 1-0-0-2: J. Huey 1-0-0-3: J. Rogan 0-2-4-2: P. Ferrell 6-0-3-13.