Enhancement millage an investment in our kids

This letter is being written in support of the upcoming AMA enhancement millage on Feb. 28. Our local schools are in trouble. They are like a ship that is sinking now with students and staff on board. The millage provides life rafts. Our schools are central to our communities; their demise will have a ripple effect. We can’t rely on waiting for support from Lansing or Washington D.C.

As a mother that raised two sons in the Alpena Public school system I realize how critical it is for all students to receive the education they need to move forward in this world. They did succeed and are now in college. The support we received throughout the years was very beneficial. Now our schools are being cut to the bone and our kids are losing out on more opportunities each year that students around the state take for granted. Even though my sons are out of the system, I realize that continued support is critical.

Neither the state nor the AMA ESD will receive a penny from this millage. All the funds go back into the school districts based on student count. Please get informed and check out a great website at www.ourkids1st.com. It has a FAQ sheet, video and brochure that everyone needs to look at. Keep our Kids First in Northeastern Lower Michigan. Vote yes on Feb. 28 on the Regional Enhancement Millage.

Sherry Daoust