Thunder Bay Theatre secures two MCACA grants

Thunder Bay Theatre is pleased to announce that the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs has awarded two grants to the theatre for 2013. The first is a $3,500 capital equipment grant for a sound system and the second is a $5,438 grant for operational support.

These grants are awarded through a competitive state-wide peer review process. A total of 76 capital grants from various organizations in the state were submitted with 37 grants awarded.

A total of 277 operational and project support grants were submitted with 227 grants awarded.

“We at Thunder Bay Theatre feel very fortunate to be one of the recipients for the two grants,” said TBT Board President Dick Bremer.

Demonstrated community support through donations, grants and event attendance is a very large factor in the determinations made by the peer review process. The sound system project received over $15,000 from individuals, local service organizations and local businesses such as Banner Realty.

Additionally, grants totaling over $12,000 have been received from the Besser Foundation, Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan and the Rotary Club of Alpena.

“This clear community support significantly influenced the peer group review of our grant request,” Bremer said. “We wish to thank all the individuals, companies, service organizations and foundations for this level of commitment to Thunder Bay Theatre. We expect the sound system to be operational for our summer season in June.”

The operational grant was written specifically to allow TBT to bring to Northeast Michigan more professionally trained or college students enrolled in theatrical arts programs for the summer season.

“This will be an opportunity for young professionals and students to hone their skills and entertain our audiences this summer,” Bremer said.

Details on these positions can be obtained at or call 354-2267. Summer season auditions will be on April 13 at 1 p.m.

“The ability of an all-volunteer board to manage over 100 performances per year with nearly 10,000 people attending our 2012 productions is the type of community support that significantly influenced the peer review group responsible for awarding this grant,” Bremer said. “We at Thunder Bay Theatre appreciate all of our patrons and volunteers for supporting us.”

The MCACA peer review process allows for each grant applicant to be competitively considered by a panel of arts and culture professionals. This insures the taxpayers, who support these projects through legislative appropriations, and all other visitors or residents in Michigan will have access to the highest quality arts and cultural experiences.

A complete list of grant awards around the state is available by contacting MCACA at (517) 241-4011 or by visiting the MCACA website at