Alcona fiduciary agent for Region 3

HARRISVILLE – The Alcona County Board of Commissioners received confirmation on Tuesday that the county will be named as the fiduciary agent for Region 3. The board originally approved submitting Alcona County’s name to pursue the Homeland Security grant during its January board meeting, and will take steps to move forward to secure and disperse Homeland Security grants as the region fiduciary.

“We did get it,” Chair Kevin Boyat said. “I’m very happy. It’s going to put the money back so we don’t lose it. It’s a great thing for our small community, and really for every county.”

Boyat said the next steps include posting an advertisement for two positions in the paper, calling for a Homeland Security secretary and manager. The two new postings will add to the advertisement the board previously approved for a Homeland Security planner.

“We’re going to move forward right away. We also need to write a letter to the state, which will be done (today). We’re just waiting for the rest of the paper work to come in,” he said. “We’ll be happy to take care of this and get whatever money we can back to Northeast Michigan.”

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