More to millage than superintendents’ story

Mr. Speer’s commentary (Jan 5, 2013) regarding Superintendents wrestling with finance was informative. A concern, however, is that there is a bigger picture and those views are important.

Mr. Speer needs to set down with five or six key business people in NE Michigan and ask them what they have done to stay competitive in these hard economic times. I am sure you would find that harsh measures have been taken by businesses throughout the state and nation.

Economic problems are not unique to the AMA ESD; obviously schools are feeling the pinch. Funding needs to come from Lansing; this enhanced millage of 3 mills for 10 years is way too much, for way too long; placing a financial threat on the taxpayers.

Why not 1 1/2 mills for three years? The 3 mills will collect $56 million to be used any way the Superintendents desire. The $56 million would buy (at today’s equalized value) 40,000 acres of vacant farm land in NE Michigan.

It would be greatly appreciated if The Alpena News and other news services, prior to the election date, Feb. 26, 2013, look at and report the full impact of this millage from all angles.

Ken Short