Yates wins second national title

Michele (Suszek) Yates, 30, won her second U.S. Championship recently, winning the Bandera 100K Trail Run in Bandera, Texas on Jan. 12. Yates finished in 10:08, more than eight minutes ahead of rival Melanie Fryar, to win the women’s race and finished ninth overall.

Yates’ win added another Lone Star State-victory to her resume after winning the Nueces 50 Mile Trail Run last year for her first national title and finishing second in last month’s Dallas Marathon.

“Shortly after the start I had already found myself in the lead (of the women’s field). Normally I would panic ( especially because I have never raced this long of distance before)…but my mind was focused and I would push myself as hard as I could for as long as I could. If I died, I died. It’s about time I feel that pain again,” Yates said via her Web site Dreamliverun.com. “The aid station stops were quick, but it would have helped if I had crew. Through out the race, my stride would ebb and flow. but I never experienced the low energy bonk or negative frustration you hear so many ultra runners talking about. This was a good thing. Not only did my confidence rise with each step, but excitement grew for my future in ultras as well. I’m sure there will be bad races, but for now I was going to ride this one out…all the way to the finish line in 1st place.”