Time for new candidates to come forward

All across the country there is a collective scream each time congress faces a national debt issue. Our legitimate concern is the result of one disappointing congressional fiasco after another. Concern is not only about the fact that Congress has made multiple horrible decisions; frustration builds because no real fiscal plan has come as a result of months of haggling, sneaky midnight decisions and billions of wasted tax dollars.

Congress will soon be given another opportunity to make some sense of the fiscal mess. Our representatives will be asked to raise the debt ceiling – one more time. Leaders say we must raise the amount we can borrow to pay bills already acquired, Dems threaten to go it alone by using the 14th amendment, our president demands authority to raise the debt ceiling whenever he sees fit and the plodding loyal opposition (Republicans in the House) lamely try to get spending reduced.

Escalating frustration has caused Americans to look at the congressional good old boy network in a way that may result in major personnel changes. Representatives with lofty tenured positions, who have deserted their base constituency and defaulted on commitments, are now being looked at for replacement.

Recently polls show that root canals have higher approval ratings than Congress. Voters have lumped all politicians, regardless of party, into a pile destined for recycle.

The end result is that nationwide, there is talk of finding new, more effective, citizens to fill offices at all levels of government. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and others are looking for candidates to run in primary elections in 2014.

We the people recommend you talk to your local party leadership and explore opportunities for becoming a candidate. Running for public office in the USA is one of the most significant contributions you can make to democracy.

Bob Lamb