Has issues with school enhancement millage

Having lived in this area since 1971 and now living on a fixed income as a retiree, I find the proposed AMA ESD School Enhancement Millage a major concern. It is too much for too long in our present economic environment. Also, it does not appear to be the answer to the current school funding crisis. This is a wider problem that needs to be solved statewide.

This proposal, that is being voted on by four school districts does not provide for all the local tax money to remain in the local school districts. The district with the most students, not the local students, will receive approximately half of the annual tax dollars collected in the other school district. If we need tax dollars for our local school then why are we giving half of it away?

In the past I have voted for every school election and I do believe in the value of education. However, this proposal is not the answer to the problems with the present educational system and the way it is financed.

Jenny Pheister