Catastrophic claims fee isn’t fair, equitable

I have read a few articles in the most recent past regarding the Michigan Catastrophic Claims that we are required to pay on our insurance policies. The most current article published stated we are now paying $175 per car per year and a Judge has now said that the fund records are public information. It states that “Michigan citizens have the right to know how the insurance they pay is calculated to ensure that no-fault insurance is provided on a fair and equitable basis.”

By no means is this a fair and equitable fee on our insurance premiums. My husband and I who are both retired own five automobiles and three motorcycles. We pay $175 for each of these vehicles which amount to $1,400 a year. Most of them are not driven year around, one is used for plowing snow but we have to get to the gas station and for mechanical services. We can each only drive one at a time and many times we are in the same vehicle. We aren’t even prorated as to the number of months these vehicles are driven. It would only be fair and equitable that each licensed person be charged this fee.

Tammy Hurt-Mendyka