Pool usage on upswing

ALPENA – In September, Krista Morrow took over as Plaza Pool director with a goal to increase the number of people using the pool and to promote the many programs offered at it. Under the direction of Synchronization’s management it appears usage and participation have improved.

Morrow said business at the pool has been going well and over the last several months the number of people who used the pool for the first time has increased.

“I think we have done extremely well since we took over in September,” Morrow said. “I know since then we have 29, paid in full brand new members, which is phenomenal. Some just come in to water walk, but I would say the majority of them are taking advantage of the different programs.”

The programming offered at the pool ranges from workout, boot camps, aerobics and swim lessons. She said the pools calendar is always full of things going on with activities for people of all ages.

“We have a pretty jammed-packed program schedule Monday through Sunday, from sun up to sun down,” Morrow said. “We just added a new boot camp last Monday and we had 19 new people who have never been in the pool before. That is so huge. We have programs for babies all the way to seniors. We have seniors who take part in all of our classes. I would say the seniors, being the biggest number in our community, is also the biggest number at our pool.”

An infant class is under way and Morrow said the time in the pool now for the kids could lead to them making swimming a life long activity. She said sometimes the parents enjoy the pool so much when they are with their children, they come back to do other programs.

“When we start with this infant, toddler class we might get a parent who comes back, but hopefully we get the children to come back and hopefully participate in lessons or swim classes through the high school and then maybe a life gaurd class, so we’re hoping to we create a very long cycle with these people as they start while they are very young.”

Even though the pool is owned by Alpena County, Morrow said people who live out of the area are welcome to take advantage of it. She said she already has some people who drive miles to swim.

“We have a lady from Hillman who probebly comes to use the pool two or three times a week. She plans her shopping and everything she needs to do while she is in town to swim,” Morrow said. “We have swimmers from Harrisville, Oscoda and Presque Isle. We are available to all of them and encourage them to take advantage of the pool.”

Morrow said this year she wants to continue to see the participation numbers increase. She said she knows the pool is a business and must bring in revenue in order to operate, but she said the biggest reason is because swimming is healthy for people.

“I want more people utilizing the pool and more people feeling better,” Morrow said. “That is my sole purpose here. Of course increased numbers keep us in business, but I see so many people walking with canes and walkers and they say they can’t come to the pool because of their condition. Those are the people that should be coming. That’s is my goal is to get more people of all ages in the pool.”

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