Wouldn’t drone plant hold us accountable??

Visited the city of Dachau years ago while accompanying a high school German club. I noted a sign posted outside the Dachau concentration camp – the specialty of which was carrying out medical experiments on prisoners among other atrocities.

The sign read, “The citizens of the city of Dachau are no more guilty or innocent … than the rest of the world.” Indeed. But the Nazis took endless photographs and kept meticulous records as lasting testimony. There are blown-up photos of whole pages from newspapers around the world informing the world of the death camps.

Not that anybody minded much – least of all the good citizens of the city of Dachau despite the smoke stacks and odor, not to speak of the great prospects for employment to be had behind the electrified fences in a country experiencing a deep economic depression. Just think, a person, individually, could go home to one’s family for dinner every night after a day’s work like any good family man or woman, scrub off in a soapy shower of glorious hot water, and feel grateful to have a job. I mean a job, is a job, is a job.

Meanwhile, today, our CIA is engaged in drone attacks on civilians in the “war” against terrorism. We mourn the deaths at Sandy Hook, but our country is killing children (and few terrorists) in other countries as we speak. It is estimated that in Pakistan, alone, our drone offensive has killed 2,500 to 3,300 people from June 2004 through September 2012 – 176 of them children.

A plant for making parts for drones is proposed for the Alpena area.

Is the United States less culpable because we are at “war,” the drones “unmanned,” our economy depressed?

Elaine Thompson