Alcona to pursue Homeland Security grant

HARRISVILLE – The Alcona County Board of Commissioners approved submitting Alcona County’s name to pursue as the fiduciary agent for Region 3, securing and dispersing Homeland Security grants. Commissioner Carolyn Brummund made a trip to Lansing on Tuesday with Alcona’s emergency manager to review the grant program and funding structure.

“Alcona is the most northern entity in Region 3. The board will be made up of representatives from each county, making a fiduciary for Region 3,” Brummund said. “Together, the two grants make up nearly $2 million. We can’t let that money go, it would be an excess of $100,000 for Alcona. We have to step up.”

While Alcona commissioners are eager for the county to become the fiduciary agent, Brummund said this is the beginning stages of the process.

“We just decided today to submit our names to become the region fiduciary,” Brummund said. “This is something we can defiantly handle.”

The Homeland Security Grant Program is designed to enhance the ability of the state, territory, local and tribal governments to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks.

“We found out a couple weeks ago that the other county wasn’t going to do it. It puts everyone in a bind to collect monies,”Chair Kevin Boyat said. “Today we made the decision to move forward with it, we’ll find out Tuesday if we got it.”

The board also approved posting an advertisement for a Homeland Security planner, and is hoping to start the interviewing process during the first week of February.

In other business, the board approved $756.80 for computer licenses for the probate court.

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