New water project in Harrisville continues

HARRISVILLE -A project that will consolidate a pair of the City of Harrisville’s water distribution maps and create a new map for the city’s sewer system is more than half way complete. The $28,000 job, which is being done by Wilcox & Associates, was approved by the city council in October with the work commencing in November. The project not only will update the maps, but also investigate why certain areas of the city are suseptible to flooding.

Mayor John Dobis said it has been a great many years since the maps have been updated and the updated maps will help when future water projects are needed in the city.

“Right now Wilcox is about 60 to 70 percent done with the mapping,” Dobis said. “The water and sewer maps haven’t been updated since 1976 and we want everything to incorporate everything together so we can utilize them in the future.”

The city currently has a pair of water distribution system maps that will be consolidated. One was from 1990 and another done on 2009-10. The money for the project came from the city’s water fund.

The meeting was the first of the new year and as a result appointments were made for 2013. Dobis said Noel Lemere will be mayor pro tem and David Cook will continue to be the city’s attorney. Dobis said the council and staff have been efficient in handing business and believes that will remain the same this year.

“We all really work well together and care about the future of the city,” Dobis said. “We are proud of what we have accomplished and think we will be able to continue to provide the people with what they deserve.”

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