Opposed to AMA ESD enhancement millage

As a out-of-state land owner, owning 160 acres in Alcona County, Gustin Township, I adamantly oppose the new AMA EDS tax millage.

I already pay $27.5382 per thousand of taxable value. Now the elected officials of the district deem it necessary to increase the millage $3 per thousand for 10 years to be used at their discretion. It is time that the elected officials make the hard decisions of necessary expenditures within the present budget instead of passing the cost to property owners, both resident and nonresident.

As a absentee property owner I have to pay my fair share of taxes, but I do not have the privilege of voting on the amount that should be. I respectfully ask that the voters of the district vote down the AMA EDS tax millage for residents and nonresidents alike.

Duane E Brown

Auburn, Ind.