Tigers on a roll

LINCOLN-The Fairview girls basketball team travelled to Lincoln on Monday to face the tough a Alcona team.

Led by Karina Cole’s 23 points, the Tigers came away with their sixth straight win, beating the Eagles 49-37.

This victory came in spite of a strong third quarter that saw the Eagels outscore the Tigers 13-7.

The Alcona victory was sealed by a strong first quarter that saw Cole, her sister Kendra Cole and Megan Quick push hard offensively and defensively.

The Eagles (3-7, 3-4 North Star League) started slower, struggling to maintain confident offensive pressure in spite of solid defense that kept the Tigers (6-1, 1-0 Huron Shores) scoreless for the last two minutes of the quarter. Two players who helped Fairview defensively with rebounds and steals were Kayla Dejarlais and Makayla Fleszar.

Johnna Weidbrauk hit three baskets while Kyleigh Dejarlais hit two in a slow first quarter for the Eagles.

“We missed a lot of lay ups and easy close shots. It’s those little shots that can make or break the game,” Fairview coach Marc Winton said.

The second quarter saw both teams slowing down offensively as their defenses amped up their attacks. Alcona struck a minute in as Maddie Feldhiser hit a free throw, but remained scoreless for three and a half minutes after that. Fairview’s first bucket came off a Weidbrauk field goal almost halfway through the quarter.

Karina Cole and Quick both scored two field goals while Fairview’s Rylee Troyer hit a field goal with 47 seconds left to bring the game to 29-14 at halftime.

In spite of two quick Karina Cole field goals to open the third quarter, the Tigers only got three more points in the period with a Cole field goal and a free throw by Turner Somers.

The Eagles began to narrow the spread with a series of free throws by Weidbrauk who hit four of seven. Fleszar also hit two of two.

Kayla Dejarlis finally got on the board with her own field goal while Logan Winton hit a three. While Fairview still missed some easy shots they were able to claw up to a 35-27 score by the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter saw a slow down of offensive pressure from Fairview. On the flip side, the Tigers ran into trouble with fouls, racking up over 10 in the second half, but Fairview was unable to successfully capitalize, hitting only two of nine free throws as a result of the fouls.

“It was the first time this season that we’ve shot free throws in the second half before our opponent. But we had trouble hitting those easy shots right when we needed them the most,” Winton said.

Winton was able to hit her second triple two minutes into the quarter as well as one of two free throws. Weidbrauk also hit a last minute three just before the game ended.

Karina Cole made sure Fairview didn’t catch up, making one basket and going 5-of-5 from the charity stripe in the fourth quarter.

“Our press kept us in the lead. When Fairview started coming back, we’d go back into the press and go on seven and eight point runs that prevented them from catching up,” Alcona coach Brad Cole said.

In spite of the loss, Winton was not disappointed in his team.

“They didn’t quit all night. They played hard the whole time against a team that plays hard,” he said.

The Fairview junior varsity team beat the Tigers 38-27. Top scorers for Fairview included Kiersten Nolan with 14 points and Brook Jenkins with eight. Alcona’s top scorers were Cheyenne Parkinson and Tori Harmon with six points apiece.

Alcona (49): N. Smith 1-0-0-2: K. Cole 9-5-5-23: M. Quick 5-1-1-12: S. Pierce 1-0-0-2: T. Somers 0-1-3-1: M. Feldhiser 0-1-2-1: N. Walen 1-0-0-2: K. Cole 2-2-2-6.

Fairview (37): J. Weidbrauk 7-5-9-20: R. Troyer 1-0-0-2: L. Winton 2-1-2-7: M. Fleszar 0-2-2-2: T. Vanelscker 0-0-2-0: K. Dejarlais 1-0-0-2: K. Dejarlais 2-0-3-4.