Lowe, Lewis qualify for indoor track states in 3 events each

The Woods Track Club traveled to Grand Valley State on Saturday and competed with more than 1000 athletes throughout the state. Like the previous week at Central Michigan, The Woods again had great team success.

Elaine Lowe and Kelsey Lewis led the team by qualifying for the state meet in three events each. Lowe, who qualified for the 3200 last week, qualified in the 1600 and joined Lewis, Racheal McDonald and Amanda Dort in both the 3200 and 1600 relays. Lewis also qualified in the 800 meters.

Two years ago, The Woods had one state qualifier (Xavier Donajkowski), last season the team had four (Lowe, Lewis, Emily McAnsh, Andrew Sumerix) and with a month to go in the season, the team has seven runners who have qualified.

“The state qualifying standards are extremely tough. Because the venues are small, only the best of the best get to compete”, Woods coach Mark Jacobs said. “The girls 4X800 relay team qualified by 32 seconds, which is incredible. These athletes are getting a grasp on how to set both short term and long term goals and follow through on them.”


Women: Long Jump: S. Swider 14-11,Genshaw 14-8 Shot Put: Sherwood 17-06 High Jump: S.Swider 4-6, 60 Meter: McNeil 9.02, Genshaw 9.11 200 Meters: Genshaw 30.66, McNeil 30.99 800 Meter: Lewis 2:24, Lowe 2:29, MacDonald 2:47, Kunath 2:49, 1600 Meter: Lowe 5:29, McDonald 5:43, Kunath 6:16, MacDonad 6:49 4X800 Relay (Lewis, McDonald, Dort, Lowe) 9:58, 4X400 Relay (Lewis, McDonald, Dort, Lowe) 4:23

Men: Long Jump: Keyes 19-3, Aikens 17-2, Ghidoni 14-9 60 Meter: Keyes 7.49, Shields 7.62, A. Swider 8.09 Barsen 9.0 200 Meters: Shields 24.24, A.Swider 26.13, Zorgati 26.92, 800: Benson 2:16, Jacobs 2:17, Day 2:18, Zorgati 2:22, Ghidoni 2:24, Cross 2:25 1600: Benson 5:00, Cross 5:03, Day 5:04, Ghidoni 5:29, Zorgati 5:37, Aikens 5:37, Diamond 5:44 4X800 Relay (Benson, Jacobs, Donajkowski, Diamond) 9:37, 4X400 Relay (Zorgati, Jacobs, Donajkowski, Benson) 4:02.