Provide better balance for our young readers

4 More Years. Second time with Obama not as thrilling as before … The Alpena News puts such bold headlines on their front page. As a retired teacher I find this very offensive and disrespectful to say the least Your paper is shared in classrooms which your support and tell me, where do you find it appropriate to slam our President of the United States? I was brought up with your newspaper, my parents avid readers, I used it in my classroom, and have it delivered to my front door. I only wish we had two local papers because I could choose to elect one that is less biased and slanted as this one. My husband and I look forward to the paper and highly respect our delivery guy. He does a fantastic job of seeing that we have our morning paper which has never been late since he took our route. He gets up very early in the morning, drives in darkness, walks thru unshoveled sidewalks, blowing snow and freezing rain to do his job. You at the top, can you say the same? Do you do your job that gains respect? I love my time to relax with a cup of coffee and read the newspaper before starting the rest of the day. Please be more considerate and think of how your negativity affects our young people.

Melodee Marceau