Look at where our drug problems really are

“We have a problem with drugs in America…”

Ah, Jeez.

Yes, we do have a drug problem in America but it’s not marijuana. It’s prescription drugs – advertised on television, subsidized by government, pushed by doctors. Feeling a little down? You can get a prescription for mood levelers. It’s easy.

Take a survey. Ask your friends/family: Who is on anti-depressants/pain killers? Xanax? Vicodin?

Then, do the research. Read up on the pharmaceutical industry. How much do they spend lobbying? What are their profits like? Side effects of their drugs? Now: Read up on marijuana. Violent crime? Psychotic episodes? Gateway drug? No, No, No. Get real. Educate yourself. Get off the prescription drugs, quit drinking. That stuff destroys your body.

It is time to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Ye Gods – the way this state taxes everything – can you imagine the revenue flowing into Lansing? And, no more of those imagined nasty reefer men hanging out on street corners. It is sold in a controlled retail environment.

Legalize it, regulate it, tax it.

And, most importantly, teach your children. If you are doing your job as a parent it will be all right.

David Morey