Dr. Detloff made a lasting impact on Alpena

I was saddened by the news that Doctor Detloff had passed away and would like to make a comment.

In 1976 we where required by the State of Michigan to have Emergency Medical Technicians on all ambulances I was given the task of starting EMT training for the City Fire Department by Chief McNeil, the State requirements required a Physician and a National Registered EMT, to conduct a class, after contacting many Physicians in the area Doctor Detloff stepped forward to be involved. He taught the class for about three years and that was the start of the excellent Ambulance and First Responders that are providing services in the Alpena area. He was great man and I considered him a friend, he always gave me a hard time about waring white socks with my uniform and yes Doc. I still ware them. God bless your Family and may God give rest in his bosom.

Frank Matthews

Hubbard Lake