AHS?to host annual information forum

ALPENA – Alpena High School will host an annual parent information forum for all area seniors and parents. Counselor Mary Daoust said the meeting will be the first step in learning about financial aid and will be a great learning experience for any college-bound students.

“Any college-bound seniors will benefit from this,” she said. “This month’s topic is all about financial aid and how to prepare to fill out FASFA forms.”

Rob Roose, director of financial aid at Alpena Community College, will present information about filling out FASFA forms while answering questions related to financial aid during the upcoming informational meeting.

“He’ll go through it line by line and answer any questions, helping parents and students fill out the complex forms,” she said. “FASFA must be filled out for grants, student loans, or any scholarships. Most schools want them completed by March, which is why we’re having this meeting in January.”

According to Daoust, AHS will offer a second interactive lab in February where parents and students can complete the forms.

“This is our first step, then in February will have a workshop in the computer lab to go through the form online,” she said. “Both of these meetings will be great for students and parents, especially because the forms are so complex.”

The first parent informational meeting will be held Thursday in the AHS auditorium at 7 p.m. The meeting is expected to last an hour, but time will be based on the amount of questions from area seniors and parents.

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