Hillman trustees receive liaison assignments

HILLMAN – Hillman Village Council President Myron McIntire assigned trustees as liaisons during Tuesday’s board meeting. He said it’s typically done after the election, but he wanted to appoint the trustees without any gaps.

“Their keeping an eye on stuff,” McIntire said. “This way, if there are problems they can bring it to the table.”

The trustee appointments include Bob Tulgetske to the airport and Brush Creek Mill; Jim Stoddard to water, sewer and recycling; Wilbur Funk will be assigned to parks and zoning; and the newest trustee, Natasha Achatz, is assigned to streets and lights. Achatz will be appointed as street administrator in March.

“This way, it’s not too big of a job for anyone and we can cover more,” McIntire said.

McIntire will attend planning commission and fire department meetings.

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