Montmorency transfers funds for child care fund

ATLANTA – The Montmorency County Board of Commissioners transferred money from two funds to pay off its 2012 child care fund obligations. The additional $92,000 child care payments were authorized during the Aug. 22, 2012, board meeting, but without enough money in its contingency fund to pay what was owed.

“I thought we took it out of something, and put it in contingency to pay it,” Commissioner Stacy Carroll said.

According to Commissioner Gene Thornton, the original motion to move $92,000 for the child care fund was approved, but the large amount of money was not available in contingency.

“The budget is royally screwed, that’s what we need to work on,” Thornton said.

Commissioner Daryl Peterson said he was unhappy about the recent pay raises the board approved, and the continuous drawing from the contingency fund. However, Thornton made the motion to transfer funds into child care fund from the balance left in the 2012 contingency and general fund balance.

“What you’re saying is the 2012 contingency went down to nothing,” Peterson said. “When we work on the budget this time lets have some common sense.”

The board approved transferring from the balance left in the 2012 contingency fund, but the remaining amount was transferred from the 2012 general fund balance.

“We can transfer money from the balance left in the 2012 contingency fund with a balance from the general fund, we’ll use $30,000 from contingency and $60,000 plus or minus from the fund balance,” Thornton said. “This year, we will get half of the $92,000 back.”

In other business:

* the board approved hiring Linda Uchwal as a part-time employee in the probate office.

* Thornton, as board chairman, will have his name put on the PNC county credit card.

* the board authorized $838.14 to go toward an EDC computer.

* the NEMCOG budget will be increased by an additional $240.09 for dues out of this years budget.

* a new fax machine will be purchased for the board of commissioners office at a price not to exceed $200.

* three sealed bids were approved, including gas for county vehicles which was awarded to Suiter for six cents under pump prices, unlimited computer networking and back up services was awarded to Byte Jumpers for $1,305 and $180 per month payments, and TruGreen will handle pest control for a total cost of $378.

* Prosecutor Terrie Case was named county attorney.

* Thornton designated committees, appointments, and set dates for the finance committee.

* the county budget will be moved from the deputy clerks office to the board office.

* Donna Baranyai was named 911 director.

* new board rules were adopted.

* the board approved a contract with NEMCOG for mapping services.

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