Hillman to issue written warning to resident

HILLMAN – The Hillman Village Council approved its attorney to draft a warning letter to a village resident during Tuesday’s meeting. The board unanimously approved this action and will be notifying the attorney to draft the letter as soon as possible.

Clerk Brenda South said the village resident and business owner recently caused a scene at the village offices after receiving a final notice in regards to neglecting to pay water bills.

“Maybe the council could send a letter, no personal contact with village employees,” South said.

According to South, the issue occurred after the resident received a final notice on her water bill, but she said the issue quickly spiraled out of hand and police were called.

“I dialed 911 and they sent two cars, but when the officers got there she already left,” South said.

The board agreed on Tuesday to send a warning letter drafted by its attorney to the unruly customer who had issues with their water bill.

“Any more instances like this and we will seek criminal action,” Trustee Wilbur Funk said. “We need to cover our little carcasses on this one. We need to go through the proper steps.”

Village Manager Dave Post agreed to the warning letter, but ultimately said the issue does not have anything to do with the village.

“If anything else, or any other attempts happen, let us know. We will send a warning letter. We will not tolerate this kind of action,” Village President Myron McIntire said.

In other business:

  • McIntire appointed trustees as liaisons.
  • public meetings will continue to be held at 7 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

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