Trouble with guns, lack of prayer in school

My heart goes out for the children and teachers that were killed in Newtown, Ct. What can be done to stop this sort of thing? Taking the guns away from upstanding people isn’t going to stop the killing of innocent children and adults. What is going to stop this sort of thing is to have at least two teachers trained on how to use a gun. If the principal and the counselor would have had a gun and knew how to use them, maybe only a few or none would have been killed. Guns are our friends, they can protect us. Look how many people are killed in auto accidents. Are they going to take the cars away from us? I think our government should pay more attention to getting drugs off the streets and protecting our boarders. Look at Mexico, they are running guns and drugs across our borders. What about Fast and Furious?

Our government sent all types of guns to Mexico. Isn’t it strange that no one knows anything about that? This too will be swept under the rug. Those guns have killed a lot of people. I hope the ones who are trying to get the truth don’t give up. Isn’t it a little strange the government sends guns to Mexico and wants to take away our guns from us? Once this starts, I’m afraid they won’t stop with just the larger ones, they want all of them.

All I can say is, I don’t think so. We’re not Germany. This is America, we have the Second Amendment. When prayer was taken out of the schools, the devil walked in.

I’m running out of room. You can only have 300 words, so I’ll close for now. Watch for part II.

Rose Raible