Stories from advertiser show there is hope

Here it is nearing midnight of the last day of 2012. I have been doing my “year end” chores: filing my old bank statements, writing 2013 on my checks in hopes of not writing 2012 on them and just sorting through items from The News that I clipped out to re-read or send to expatriates who would appreciate them.

As I read again the stories offered by Banner Realty “A Word Fitly Spoken is Like Apples of Gold” and “A Comfort for the Children” I am heartened. Why? Because they tell me that there is hope. They exemplify the thoughts and feelings of many Americans who have struggled again this past month as they did in being inundated before with other senseless killings of innocents.

That a business takes space that could be used to advertise their wares and uses it to reach out to its readers with the messages they shared is to be commended. Bless you.

Kathleen Melville-Hall