Remember, it’s people who kill other people

Up front – I am a gun owner. I am as appalled as anyone in this country as to the carnage that went on a few weeks ago in the school in Connecticut I am an active Christian, I attended the Starlite Beach ceremony recently for these victims, I have lifted the families of those children and adults, that lost their lives, in prayer. I have also prayed for the shooter as he was a very troubled individual. I want to put some things in perspective so as to help those people struggling with this matter. First of all weapons no not kill. Crazed people kill. Those under the influence of demons. Where was the uproar when box cutters were used to bring about the single largest terrorist attack this country has ever seen? Guns are used illegally in many atrocities. But there is one “killer” that secretly lies in wait and nobody says a word. The biggest killer of them all. It is parked in your driveway or garage. Does anyone believe it starts itself up and goes out at night to kill and maim? Let’s keep it all in perspective – people kill. For those individuals that are reading this and have all ready considered me a nut job, I will make a deal with you. You get all the box cutters banned in this country, I will turn in my guns and together we will work to ban the automobile. Of course when we have accomplished this only the criminal and deranged element will still have them. Will we be better off?

Carl Kelly