Enhanced millage, pay attention now or pay later

I retired in NE Michigan for the relaxed atmosphere, scenic beauty, fine medical facilities, and great school systems. Unfortunately, some of the great school systems are physically and financially broken.

The enhanced school millage (Feb 26, 2013) is a “death wish” for NE Michigan. Three mills for 10 years will greatly reduce available funding for 911, library, fire, ambulance, roads, and other renewable or needed millages. We still have the greatest teachers and some of the finest principals in the business. When this millage was conceived (via a loophole) the School Superintendents, Business Managers, and Board Members jumped on the “Band Wagon.”

I ask you, the Taxpayer, to call, write, email, or look them in the eye and ask: “What were they thinking? Insure their answers are factual. Then ask them what they have done individually, or collectively to inform/convince Lansing that public schools need adequate funding. Or is it so much easier to play the “Doom and Gloom” card to the parents, grandparents, extended school family.

Having a special election at taxpayer expense, when many senior citizens are out of town, with bad weather a possibility, would result in a low voter turnout. Governor Snyder is preparing a school funding bill for February. Our School Officials should be in Lansing fighting for proper funding; not trying to win over local taxpayers with “Doom and Gloom.”

If this millage is passed, there is no turning back. We will be stuck with it for 10 years, to the tune of 56 million additional tax dollars. We will pay for it on our property taxes, plus we will pay for it again through the trickle-down effect with every dollar we spend. What’s going on in Lansing? Where are the excess bottle deposit funds? Why a guilt trip for local taxpayers?

Ken Short