We have a problem with drugs in America

All marijuana card holders should be checked every year by a doctor to see if they’re cured, and still need their marijuana card. Marijuana cards should be registered every year, the same as gun owners, that way police departments and courts would know who has cards, that way the state could make a profit off marijuana cards, the same as drivers licenses.

They just had on the news, everyone that has registered guns, now everyone can know where they live. All these people that are killing everyone should be drug tested at their own expense, by hair and fingernails because it goes back six months, instead of a urine test. Legal systems do not tell the truth about murderers that are on chemicals or whatever it may be, they should be tested and the public should know. Anybody that buys a gun should be drug tested.

Why would states even think about legalizing marijuana with all the crimes going on, I think the legal system should be drug tested. Doctors, nurses, attorneys, etc. because they protect the public. When they legalized marijuana they opened up a keg of nails. Hold on America.

If we don’t watch it, we’re gonna be a third world nation. With all the drugs and chemicals being shipped into America that people take, creation of zombies.

America is the only country that has such a demand for drugs. I saw on TV about a mass murderer in prison had a sex change on taxpayers money. What the heck is wrong with America, what the heck are we keeping the mass murderers for, they’re being treated more like celebrities.

All veterans made America free and people are destroying America.

Just venting.

Ian Carp

Hubbard Lake