Editorial: Beware of using banished words

Say goodbye to “fiscal cliff.” Gone as well over that cliff are “trending,” “yolo” and “job creators.”

Lake Superior State University officials earlier this week released their annual list of useless and overused words. This year’s list was the 38th time college officials prepared such a collection, which has become a much-anticipated event each year.

Despite our personal disdain for “fiscal cliff,” we’ve used it over and over again in recent weeks, in large part because it has become so well known with the public that we don’t have much explaining to do when using it.

JoAnn Eschenburg of Clinton Township, who was one of several to nominate it for banishment, wrote in her nomination “if only those who utter these words would take a giant leap off it.” Hopefully she didn’t mean us.

Other words to make the list this year included guru, boneless wings, superfood, bucket list, spoiler list, job creator, passion or passionate, double down and kick the can down the road.

If you want to have some fun, use all the words in a short essay. Otherwise, remember not to use them in the year ahead.