Should news media have opinions or report news?

It’s easy for the news media to report news with bias. How they word the news, what they decide to cover and how much of it to cover. Omitting information or adding opinion should not occur we have tabloids for that. After reading the Saturday edition I see another attack on hunting as if it had anything to do with a psychopathic murderer, yet cartoonist Luckovich does just that. Millions of law abiding citizens enjoy shooting sports in many different ways not just hunting. As if that wasn’t bad enough the Pitts commentary was the pits on the next page. “Moral masturbation” really? How poetic is that. How about the back page … I real situation where guns did stop a potential murderer. We cannot sit back and wait for protection from these monsters when they strike. Excerise your rights and protect yourself and others from evil. Way to go R. Colarusso your letter nailed it.

Michael Lavens