Easy to see how shooting tragedies happen

About the shooting in Newtown, Mass. It’s hard to understand how something like this could take place in America? Let’s see, game makers produce filth, death and destruction for kids, but parents allow them to play them. Hollywood makes disgusting movies that allow kids to see an average of 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence by the time they’re 18 and of course, parents allow their kids to go see it. TV sitcoms and commercials portray men as feminine, Christians as idiots, the nuclear family as a thing of the past and yes, parents let the little ones watch it. Hard to believe that human life has been trivialized? One million unborn babies murdered each year by abortion, elderly are looked at as a burden on society. We’ve even gotten to a point where our country has elected and re-elected a so called leader that’s not only pro abortion but pro late term abortion, even forcing tax payers to fund abortions. Today, a lot of able bodied men live on welfare, unemployment, scam the social security disability system or scam work mans comp and that’s an example they set for kids which are mostly had out of wedlock. Over the last 50 years the public school system has dumb downed a large number of the population to the point of making people dependent on the government and not being smart enough to compete against other countries. Good people and churches have set back and allowed the ACLU and liberals to run God of schools and public life. Local, state and federal politicians steal much of our hard earned money to the point of putting people in desperate situations. Yeah, it’s really hard to believe tragedies like Newtown take place in our liberal utopia?

Randy Zeeman