Rewards come after the break

ALPENA – All Saints Catholic School students and staff actively participate in community service every month. Principal Nicole Hatch said the charity tradition started several years ago and continues each month as an effort to give back to the community.

“Our community has done so much for All Saints, this is our way of giving back,” she said.

Hatch said All Saints staff and students worked together to raise money for DARE programs, pennies for peace, the Huron Humane Society, visited home care facilities, and made cards for the sick and homebound, along with a variety of other activities.

“This month we’re writing letters to the religious. (Jan. 20-27) is Vocations Week. We wanted to write motivational letters thanking them for everything they do in our catholic community,” she said. “It’s not always about money, it’s about what we can do to help our community.”

Hatch said some of the highlights of the schools community service from last year include raising money for Gilly Gibbons, DARE, and conducting a walk for a chair lift for All Saints, which will be installed this year.

“Every year its different, a lot of it is by need. We look at what the month is and what’s happening in the community and then we contact our recipients,” she said. “The main thing is helping the community any way we can. We’re always looking for a way to help.”

All Saints fifth through eighth grade students also volunteer 10 hours of community service as part of the religious curriculum. Hatch said all students also have the opportunity to actively participate in the community on their own time.

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