Fletcher: Lots of thoughts on various topics

You didn’t miss last week’s column – I took a sabbatical leave. This week, however, I’ve got much to share as I reflect on the past year.

First, let’s talk about how the Green Party in 2012 elected our U.S. congressman, Dr. Dan Benishek, to another term. I haven’t seen anyone commenting on the fact that Benishek was returned to the House of Representatives by less than 50 percent of the total vote. The Green Party, which is out on the left fringe of the Democrat Party, took just enough votes away from Democrat challenger Gary McDowell to allow Dr. Dan to sneak in for another term.

It’s kind of funny actually that with all of the uproar about the Tea Party that a leftist party beats the Democrat candidate. Many folks were angry with Benishek because the first time he ran for office he said he would not raise taxes nor support new spending. Surprise, he meant what he said! When local government officials wanted more pork barrel cash for their communities he stuck to what he said. How inconvenient for voters to have elected a man of his word.

Then there is Banghazi. Three of the top members of the security staff at the Department of State lost their jobs because folks lost their lives in Libya. However, when the Costa ship went aground off Italy the captain lost his job and today faces criminal charges. Remember Harry Truman’s famous sign on his presidential desk that “The buck stops here.” Didn’t Hillary Clinton have such a sign?

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s best move ever was to marry the widow of Pennsylvania Sen. John Heinz, making him the richest of all of our senators. I had to look in the fridge to get the correct spelling of the Heinz name. Yes, it’s that Heinz. The funny part is that Sen. Kerry, in his presidential campaign against George W. Bush eight years ago, was continually demanding the college transcript of his opponent. The Kerry supporters were adamant about how dumb George W. was. After the election the grade point data became public and Kerry’s scores at Yale were slightly below George W.’s. If George W. is the dumbest guy ever, what did that information make Kerry?

Evidently grade point averages and transcripts aren’t important because we don’t have Barack Obama’s either.

I was speaking to a U.S. marshal recently. We were talking about concealed weapon permits. The marshal said he really couldn’t understand why stores and businesses advertised that they were “Gun Free Zones.” He believed there was no bigger invitation for a crook than a sign like that.

There is a reporter in New York named Dwight R Worley who listed all the concealed weapon holders in New York State. Although the National Rifle Association is angry about the release of that information, I would be happy to have written documentation out there warning criminals to “Keep Out – Premises protected by Smith and Wesson.”

In those tragic cases in Connecticut, Texas, and Colorado there is a connection, but it isn’t necessarily weapons. No illegal weapons were used by the nut cases in any of the attacks. The connection is the people who committed the crimes – crazed, mentally ill people Could there be a connection between the decision to close mental hospitals all across America and the apparent increase in aberrant behavior of the public?

I’ve got more chatty topics but I have limited space for the column. I’ll just keep my notes and continue next week. Remember though when government comes up with a “fix,” more often than not there arises an unintended result.