Regional enhancement millage ‘is critical’ for AMA ESD

ALPENA – During the Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational Service District regular board meeting, Superintendent Brian Wilmot said the regional enhancement millage is critical to the future of local schools. He said the third meeting of the AMA ESD steering committee reviewed the final frequently asked questions document, a millage video script that will be used during the public campaign.

“The enhancement millage is very important to our local schools, it’s critical. The future will not be bright if we don’t do anything,” he said. “In January, after the new year we will be getting out in the communities for our students. It’s urgent, we need to do something different.”

According to Wilmot, the millage video script will feature spokespersons from each district and students. He said each Superintendent met to discuss the needs of each school district and share their stories, but the overall goal of the millage campaign is to assist in sharing pertinent information about the millage and local schools.

“The campaign development is progressing on schedule, we will be ready for the public portion of the campaign to begin in early January,” he said. “Local committees are getting engaged, but the first couple months of development were internal.”

The regional enhancement millage proposal of three mills over 10 years will be placed on the Feb. 26, 2013, special election ballot.

“Our community has to decide what they want for our kids. This would be great, a positive for our area. If we want a vibrant community, we need healthy schools, Wilmot said. “Not a penny of this would go to Lansing it will all go to improve our public education.”

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